About TBEA

TBEA is an enterprise group which is accredited by Chinese government, to be engaged in foreign economic and technical cooperation and to undertake national external assistance projects in four industrial fieldsx Transmission, Transformation, New Energy and Advanced Materials.

TBEA is the core enterprise of CHINA’s major Electrical Equipment manufacturing industry, and is the first listed Transformer enterprise of China.

TBEA’s Highlight Areas

  • R&D is export base of the largest research and production facility for transformer products. The annual gross transformer manufacturing Capacity is 200 Million KVA, Which is third highest in the world.
  • Largest high-voltage cross linked cable manufacturers.
  • Largest high-voltage electronic aluminum foil, and advanced materials manufacturers.
  • The largest solar photovoltaic products and system.

TBEA has twelve industrial gardens in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Tianjin, Shandong, Liaoning, Shanxi and other provinces. TBEA has Twenty-seven marketing offices in the overseas and other regions of the world such as America, Russia, India, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Sudan etc.

TBEA Group is compliant to ISO9001, ISO9002, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, UKAS of Britain, FMRC of American, IEC quality certification, The international management system certification, Environment sanitation and safety. The economic development mode of green manufacture, energy saving and high efficiency low carbon cycle has been adopted.

Trustworthy TBEA

With over-70-year experience in the power transmission industry, it is a backbone enterprise of the power transmission industry in the world and the birthplace of China’s transformer industry.

As China’s first listed company in the transformer industry, developer of China’s transformer industry technical standards, the largest transformer development and production center, TBEA has formed a complete transmission industry chain merging transformers, HV switch, wire and cable, system integration and electrical components into a single whole, with an annual output capacity of nearly 200 million kVA, one of the world’s top three.

Center for development and export of large EHV cross-linked wires and cables, and cable accessories.

Center for development, manufacturing and export of large solar photovoltaic products and systems.

Center for development and export of large HV electronic aluminum foil new material and high-tech products.

No.429 in world’s top 500 machinery manufacturers, No.366 in China’s top 500 enterprises, No.14 in China’s equipment industry brands with a brand value of 27.5 billion Yuan

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